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I will have the artist create playlists of sounds and songs they would like to sound like. I have them create a Pinterest board to catch their overall brand and inspire themes through imagery.


If there is no connection to the material, an artist won't be able to put their soul into it. In my songwriting sessions, I will try and break down your passions, your trauma, your hopes, your love life, any experience you or someone you know has had or overcome. My job is to find the story you would like to tell. Even if it is a story that is made completely from imagination. 

Vocal Range/Tone/Ability

It is important for me to know your sound. Whether the artist is established and I can study their discography or we have a vocal session where I help develop an artists sound, taking into account what makes the voice of the artist unique is very important for writing them melodies and structuring a song.

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Artist Management

The Making of a Recording Artist

Nikki Silva Productions has partnered with Anthony Lopardo of Westfall Recording, specializing in the creating of new music and lyrics, recording and creation of artists looking to break into the music industry. Using all platforms from Spotify to TikTok, the team works one-on-one to roll out a complete media plan for artists and bands. 

From directing music videos to writing artist EPs, Nikki Silva Productions aims to empower artists & provide the tools to roll out new projects and promote new music.

For help planning your Album Release to Writing your next hit song, we are here to lend a creative helping hand. 

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by Nikki Silva

Performed by Xristina Mou & Sapir Mizrachi
Sound Engineered by JP of Ride Waves Productions

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