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Nikki Silva productions team

Collab with this best.   Create with the best.    Learn with the best.

Nikki says, "I couldn't do it without the people who keep me up." This group of amazing individuals is comprised of Nikki's mentors, teachers,  successful artists and the best professionals in the business of entertainment.


Marc Fratto


Award Winning Director/Editor & DP Marc Fratto is the one who makes the magic happen on the screen! Marc and Nikki are a dynamic duo when it comes to producing and directing. Marc has assisted Nikki in shooting and editing 5 music videos, 9 short films, 4 commercials and 1 feature film.

Katt Gerardi

Creative Producer

Singer/Songwriter and Actress Katt Gerardi has years of experience with artist development and management as well as film production. She is Nikki's "right hand man" in all projects.

Viola Media

Artist Management & Development

Nikki Silva Productions has partnered with Viola Media, a creative agency with a focus in video production, website design, and digital marketing.

Anthony Lopardo

Producer/Music Engineer

Anthony Lopardo of Westfall Recording is an experienced producer and sound engineer. Helping to produce many artists with Nikki. Nikki and Anthony work together to write music for upcoming artists.


Joseph Baquet

Creative Producer

From Sound Engineer work to Film Production, Joseph is a jack-of-all-trades. Joseph helps produce music for NSCP Artists. He provides business consultation. He is also on the film production team, with experience in directing and acting on-camera.

Austin Morgan

Creative Producer

With a masters degree at NYU for theatre education, and experience with scriptwriting, Austin lends his consultation and time for all projects.

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